The growth and development of your baby will depend solely on the transfer of nutrients , including vitamins and minerals from you. Optimal nutrition during pregnancy sets the stage for the health and development of your child’s future. Research has proven that the effects of poor maternal nutrition will affect both mother and baby for years to come.

Supplementation is especially essential in the following instances:

  • Where there is a history of delivering low birth weight infants
  • In high risk pregnancies
  • If you are undernourished
  • Where there is substance abuse / or a history thereof
  • Teenage pregnancies
  • Short intervals between pregnancies - as this leads to a depletion in nutrients

The risk of sub-optimal nutrition during pregnancy include:

  • Giving birth to low birth weight infants
  • Bleeding during delivery
  • Prolonged labour
  • Increased potential risk of: learning disorders, behaviour problems, glucose intolerance and cardiovascular disease

Your baby’s structural and cognitive potential could be compromised, which may not be evident at birth-  but can manifest later in life when your baby undergoes different stages of growth and development